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Piccirillo and Pearson Unleash Yard Dog


Beth Pearson
Beth Pearson

Executive producers Joe Piccirillo and Beth Pearson have launched Yard Dog TV, a production company and “creative incubator” focused on producing innovative advertising content. Based in Los Angeles, the company debuts with a roster of six directors, Tom De Cerchio, Mark Dektor, Ron Hamad, Vic Huber, Alexander Paul and Joe Windsor-Williams, and plans to pursue creative opportunities across the United States and internationally.

“A commercial production company is all about the talent it represents,” said Piccirillo. “Success depends on the director and agency working together in creative harmony to lift the project to its fullest potential. Beth and I share a commitment to nurturing the creative process and are very excited about the filmmakers we are working with. Each brings a distinctive voice to his work.”

Piccirillo and Pearson bring a wealth of experience. After beginning his career as a director and cinematographer, Piccirillo became an executive producer and has helped guide the careers of both established and emerging commercial directors while collaborating with many of the country’s top advertising agencies.

Pearson offers a deep background as an executive producer and top line producer, and brings invaluable knowledge of the current marketplace of emerging formats. Her credentials in automotive advertising are particularly strong, including work for Jaguar, Ford, Lexus, Toyota, Chrysler, RAM, Infinity and Nissan, among others. “Few people know the car business like Beth,” noted Piccirillo. “She brings an incredible insight of production experience and strong relationships.”

Joe Piccirillo
Joe Piccirillo

Yard Dog’s directors offer a diversity of experience, aesthetics and skill sets. De Cerchio is a comedy performance specialist. Dektor is a director/cameraman who works masterfully with documentary style material, real people and testimonial. Hamad is a visual storyteller with a gift for capturing natural and emotional moments. Huber is a director/cameraman with extensive credits with top automotive brands. Paul is an acclaimed international director specializing in both automotive and visual storytelling. Windsor-Williams is a photographer turned director whose imagery is noteworthy for its luxury style and superlative artistic execution in the automotive arena.

“Each of our directors is a seasoned professional who knows what it takes to produce stand-out work in the constantly changing world of commercials and content creation,” Pearson said.

While acknowledging the high level of competition, Piccirillo and Pearson believe that there is room for a company with a passion for storytelling and an honest commitment to helping its directors thrive. “We believe that success begins by building an environment of trust; trust in your directors, and trust in your agency partners. Applying our collective experience, we will work side by side with our directors and clients to push boundaries and make every project shine.”

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