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Prime Time Softball League Week 14: CSI Vegas Goes to the Semi-Finals with a 10-0 Record


Apologies that we haven’t been updating readers on the standings in the Prime Time Softball League (PTSL) for a few weeks, but after this past Saturday’s Week 14 games, we’re into the playoffs, starting on Jan 7.

The Week 14 games (making up for the 1st week cancellation and delayed from Dec. 3) took place on Saturday, Dec. 10 with CSI Vegas winning its 10th game 7-0 before American Dad cancelled, realizing it was already in the Quarter-Finals. CSI Vegas wins the main season and will play in the semi-finals on Jan. 14. The Neighborhood and Pretty Freekin’ Scary also won their Week 14 games, while Young Sheldon has made a late season comeback, but it wasn’t enough to get into the playoffs.

The PTSL is off for the rest of the year before the playoffs start on Jan. 7 with Master Chef taking on Pretty Freekin Scary (another one of this season’s newer teams), and The Neighborhood taking on American Dad.

The Prime Time Softball League is made-up of 10 co-ed teams comprised of the cast, crew, staff, and their immediate family from currently-airing prime-time television shows.

The Week 14 results are below:

Saturday, Dec 10

Pretty Freekin Scary 27
The Morning Show 11
(Originally scheduled for Week 10)

Bosch Legacy 17
Young Sheldon 19
(Originally scheduled for Week 10)

MasterChef 12
The Rookie 22
(Originally scheduled for Week 10)

Big Brother 7
The Neighborhood 28
(Originally scheduled for Week 10)

CSI Vegas 7
American Dad 0
   Game canceled by American Dad
(Originally scheduled for Week 10)

Here are the final standings before the quarter-finals: 

Team Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
CSI Vegas 10 0 0 Semi Finals
The Rookie 9 1 0 Semi Finals
American Dad 6 4 0 Quarter Finals
MasterChef 6 4 0 Quarter Finals
Pretty Freekin Scary 6 4 0 Quarter Finals
The Neighborhood 6 4 0 Quarter Finals
Young Sheldon 4 6 0 Ineligible
Bosch Legacy 1 9 0 Ineligible
The Morning Show 1 9 0 Ineligible
Big Brother 1 9 0 Ineligible


The quarter-final games take place on Saturday, Jan. 7 at the below times and fields:

Saturday, Jan 7

MasterChef Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
11:00 AM
Pretty Freekin Scary
   Home team will be decided by a coin flip.

The Neighborhood Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
12:30 PM
American Dad

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