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The Production Music Association Names Adam Taylor As Its New Chairman


Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor

The Production Music Association (PMA) has announced that Adam Taylor, president of APM Music and previous vice chair of the PMA board of directors, has been appointed as the new chairman of the PMA. Taylor replaces Randy Thornton of Amphibious Zoo Entertainment, who sat on the board of directors for nine years, serving as chairman for five. 

“Randy’s wisdom and guidance have been an incredible driving force for the PMA over the past five years. His passion and commitment to upholding the values of the PMA have been instrumental in our successes, and his participation and leadership will be sorely missed,” said Morgan McKnight, executive director of the PMA. “We are excited to see what this next chapter holds for the organization under Adam’s direction.

For over three decades, Adam Taylor has been helping intellectual property companies, organizations and individuals manage and extract value from their copyrights, trademarks and patents. As president of APM Music, Taylor continues to reinforce the company’s standing as a creative house and production music library, with one of the most diverse collections of original music for every type of media.

“I am grateful to have been elected as the chairman of the Production Music Association,” Taylor said. “Production music serves a vital role in television, film, advertising, new media and UGC programming, and it is my honor to help communicate and preserve the value of music for both publishers and composers. The PMA has played an important part in this responsibility for over two decades and I look forward to continuing the direction established by Randy Thornton while collaborating with everyone in this new capacity.”

In additional PMA News, the association has also appointed Joe Saba as its new cice chair. Saba, a co-founder and current board member of the Production Music Association, is the co-founder of Videohelper, one of the leading independent creators and suppliers of production music. He will take over Taylor’s previously held position. Saba is also an active composer/producer both for the library and for custom projects, including TV show themes, music for the Olympics, and several Super Bowl Commercials.

“The PMA grew tremendously under the leadership of Randy Thornton, and I look forward to building on that progress with Adam, the Board, and the production music community,” Saba added. 

Thornton is retiring from serving on the PMA board of directors, but will still be involved via his membership with Amphibious Zoo.

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