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Radiant Post Launches Radiant North, a New Post-Production Facility in Manchester


Ben Plumb
Ben Plumb image via Radiant Post

Broadcast post-production house Radiant Post has announced the opening of a new facility based in Manchester that should help expand the company’s business.

The facility will be called Radiant North, and it will offer the region’s vibrant independent production and network TV sector dedicated picture post, finishing, and audio creative services.

The new 8000 sq ft facility is hosted in a property that is being developed as part of Allied London’s Enterprise City — a media, tech, and creative cluster in the heart of Manchester City.

Radiant North will provide full post-production services including onsite and remote offline, online, and grading using Media Composer Symphony and DaVinci Resolve along with Atmos Dubbing Theatres and V/O facilities. It will also be offering production space for long and short-term rentals.

The move was precipitated in 2021 when Radiant Post opened a pop-up facility in Deansgate to provide the post-production on the BBC One shows Fraud Squad Season 4 and Moment of Proof Season 2 for longstanding client Brown Bob Productions. With the successful completion of those series, and with repeat and new commissions for Brown Bob, among other clients, Radiant decided to cement its presence in the city.

“I couldn’t be more excited about welcoming everyone to Radiant North. With the continuing push for programming in the Nations and Regions, more and more of our clients either already have a regional office or are looking to set up outside of London. It is a move that we have been planning for some time and was initiated by requests from clients wanting to be served with the same quality, team approach, and friendliness of Radiant Post, but closer to home,” Radiant Post director/owner Ben Plumb said in a statement.

“We would like to be the first to wish Radiant Post a happy move to Manchester,” said Brown Bob Productions co-founder/CEO Nicki Gottlieb. “Having worked with Ben and his team over many years and many successful projects it is an absolute pleasure to continue our relationship with its new venture in the heart of Manchester’s enterprising creative scene.”

Radiant Post has worked closely with suppliers ERA on the IT Infrastructure connecting the facility to its data center and London facilities. The fit-out will be up to the highest standards and with AKA for bespoke desk design. The facility is currently under construction, with a full opening planned for the end of this year.

“Manchester has and still is, undergoing significant change. It is vibrant and progressive and somewhere we look forward to calling home. It’s also an exciting opportunity to design and build a new facility with remote and flexible working in mind,” added Plumb.

Radiant North is the sister company to both Radiant Post Production and Rapid Pictures, two distinguished and long-established brands in UK post based in Shepherds Bush.

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