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Revolabs Executive to Speak at Enterprise Connect Summit Series


Alan MacLeod
Alan MacLeod

Revolabs, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, has announced that Alan MacLeod, Revolabs’ vice president of product, will present a 15-minute Tech Talk session during the Enterprise Connect Summit Series titled “Can You Hear Me Now — In Every Room? How to Go Beyond Infrastructure to Build a Great Skype for Business User Experience.” The session will be offered in New York on Oct. 19 and Chicago on Oct. 26.

“Skype for Business is redefining how customers and users are communicating, but there are a lot of variables and considerations beyond just buying hardware and software that go into creating an excellent user experience,” MacLeod said. “My goal is to arm communications decision makers at these events with measurable tools and best practices to create the most productive collaboration environment for any enterprise.”

Both sessions will examine the path to a successful Skype for business deployment and discuss how to fix real-world implementation issues across many types of meeting spaces. Room size, shape, acoustics, and surfaces will be explored as well as the roles background noise and reverberation issues play in the experience and how to solve them. Finally, MacLeod will explain how optimal placement of mics and speakers can reduce stress and fatigue, along with the impact that a poor deployment has on a business’s productivity — and ultimately the bottom line.

As vice president of product, Alan MacLeod is responsible for overseeing product direction at Revolabs, where he combines his business acumen with technology expertise to develop strategic, big-picture ideas. With more than 20 years’ experience in the networking, communications, and collaboration industries, MacLeod is a well-known unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) expert.

More information and registration for the events are available at

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