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Daufenbach Camera Expands Adding Michael Acuna, Schumacher Closes


Mike Acuna
Mike Acuna

Daufenbach Camera, a Chicago-based motion picture camera equipment rental company, has announced the addition of industry veteran Michael Acuna, long time co-owner of Schumacher Camera.

In his new role as Tech Service Manager, Acuna will oversee camera maintenance, servicing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing various types of motion picture cameras and lenses. He will lead Daufenbach’s technical training program and inventory management.

For the last eleven years, Acuna has been the co-owner of Schumacher Camera. While at Schumacher, Acuna provided technical support to clients, troubleshooting, and worked under time constraints and deadlines.

“Mike Acuna has a wealth of knowledge in cinematography technology, and we are very excited to have him join the Daufenbach family”, said Lawrence Daufenbach, CEO and director of operations at Daufenbach Camera. “We believe Mike’s technical expertise and shared values will allow our company to more effectively achieve our mission of ensuring that customers have the right gear to complete projects on time and on budget.”

“I am excited to join Daufenbach and assist in growing the business,” said Acuna. “By partnering with Daufenbach Camera, I will be able to provide continued service to Schumacher’s long-time clients, which is very important to me.”

Through this new relationship, Daufenbach will help ensure that Schumacher’s customers continue receiving the same level of service that its customers have come to expect and depend on. The two camera houses have worked together in the past, providing sub-rentals to one another over the years.

As a production partner to the motion picture industry, Daufenbach Camera is a full service camera rental house which specializes in digital cinema. Learn more at or call 312-226-0042.

Mike Acuna can be reached directly at [email protected].

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