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SMPTE Recognized with Honorary IABM Industry Collaborative Group Endorsement in Recognition of 100 Years Service to the Industry


At the SMPTE Annual Conference and Exhibition on 25th October 2016, IABM presented SMPTE with honorary IABM ICG (Industry Collaborative Groups) Endorsement in recognition of its 100 years of leadership in promoting standards and interoperability.

Originally formed to promote a common format for movie film to enable interoperability between different manufacturers’ camera and projector systems, SMPE added its ‘T’ in 1950 in the early days of television to bring the same drive for common standards and interoperability to broadcasting. Since then, SMPTE has continuously led the way in developing and promoting common standards to the benefit of every facet of the broadcast industry.

“SMPTE is the father and mother of all collaborative groups in our industry,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “SMPTE recognized in the very early days of television that common standards and interoperability would be required just as they had been in the early days of film. Without that common purpose and will to work together, television would not have been able to grow into the universal medium it is today.

“Along the way, SMPTE has recognized and rewarded the efforts of individual members who have made it their life’s work to innovate and collaborate, driving standards forward. We introduced the ICG Endorsement Program to bring clarity to the plethora of issues around standardization, best practice and interoperability that have grown in recent years; the example set by SMPTE is a lesson for all,” White concluded.

Stan Moote, IABM CTO, who presented the award to SMPTE, added: “I am delighted that IABM has recognized SMPTE in this way, and I salute SMPTE and all the highly creative people that have made it into the unifying force for good that has driven our industry forward for so long.”

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