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Another Country Hires Mixer Peter Erazmus


Peter Erazmus
Peter Erazmus

Chicago-based sound design studio Another Country announced that it has hired sound designer, mixer and audio engineer Peter Erazmus. Erazmus will join the company’s roster of mixers – John Binder, David Gerbosi, Drew Weir and Erik Widmark – immediately, as a key part of the studio’s growth plans focused on opening its fifth sound room later this summer.

With more than 16 years of audio postproduction experience in his native Chicago, Erazmus has handled sound design and mixed hundreds of high-profile projects spanning the commercial and entertainment industries. Most recently senior sound designer and mixer for STIR Post (the former Audio Producers Group), his latest commercial assignments have been for Bud Light, the Chicago Blackhawks, Flintstones, Hebrew National, Lays, OFF, Raid, Rosetta Stone, Special K and Ziploc.

Erazmus has earned many accolades in the process. For example, the “City” spot he engineered for ESPN was named a best sound design finalist at the New York Film Festival, while other spots he engineered have garnered CLIO, Telly and RAMA awards, a Chicago Creative Club Best in Show award, and numerous Cannes, Emmy best commercial and Radio Mercury short list honors.

“Peter and I went to Columbia College Chicago together, and he assisted Dave Gerbosi for about seven years at CRC, so we know him very well and are excited to have him,” said executive producer Tim Konn.

“Another Country has always been an attractive place to me,” said Erazmus. “I feel they have solidified their place in the postproduction world based on the product they deliver. They are extremely talented people who do great work, and moving forward, it will be an honor for me to collaborate with them every day to do the best work possible.”

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