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ARRI Rental: US East and West Coast


ARRI.Rental.logoARRI Rental has announced that after five years of serving the film community in Atlanta, GA, they have decided to discontinue its services locally effective June 2019. ARRI has agreed on a strategic shift and will now concentrate its rental services in the US on the East and West Coast. ARRI Rental in Secaucus will remain the main headquarters for all rental services in North America.

Brooklyn Haus in New York, as well as the new facility in Burbank, CA, will develop towards flagship rental operations and training centers for the East and West Coast. The ARRI Rental team in Atlanta will be offered possibilities to relocate to continue their work in the other rental premises within the US. Rental equipment housed in Atlanta will be transferred to the Brooklyn and Burbank operations as of June to facilitate the high demand on both the East and West Coast.

Markus Zeiler, Executive Board Member of ARRI
Markus Zeiler, Executive Board Member of ARRI

Markus Zeiler, Executive Board Member of ARRI and responsible for ARRI Rental globally: “ARRI Rental is and will be highly committed to the motion picture industry in the US. We firmly believe that with our adjusted focus, highly skilled and dedicated staff and our state-of the art training facilities in CA and NY, we are best suited to fulfill our customer’s expectations and demands in the years to come.”

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