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SAG-AFTRA: Matthew Modine Running for President


SAG-AFTRA_LogoOn Monday, Matthew Modine announced his candidacy for SAG-AFTRA president. Modine is a member of the MembershipFirst (MF) party, a group that controlled the union in the mid-2000s before Unite for Strength (UFS) took over in 2008. UFS’s Gabrielle Carteris has been president of SAG-AFTRA since 2016, and has not yet made an announcement on whether or not she will run again.

MembershipFirst has 15 members on SAG-AFTRA’s approximately 80-member national board, including secretary-treasurer Jane Austin, the second-ranking elected officer. On the Los Angeles local board, the heart of MF’s base, the group holds 22 of 45 seats. Modine has served on both boards for the last 18 months.

MembershipFirst member Matthew Modine
MembershipFirst member Matthew Modine

“As a current national and local board member of SAG-AFTRA, it would be my honor to represent all 160,000 members of the union I have proudly been a member of for nearly four decades,” Modine said. “It is my privilege to stand up for our legacy in order to safeguard our future. There comes a time when we must work to ensure that current and future membership will be able to enjoy the basic rights and securities our union has always provided. It’s my time to give back.”

For more information please visit www.membershipfirst.com

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