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Athena Studios Opens in Northern California


Athena Studios offers a 25′ x 25′ greenscreen stage.

Athena Studios has opened for business in Emeryville, Calif. The new company provides full production services for film, TV, advertising and multimedia projects. The studios offers a 40′ x 48′ stage, including a 25′ x 25′ greenscreen cyc.

“We have always wanted to create a truly compelling experience for our corporate users,” said Jon Peters, CEO/Founder, Athena Studios. “I realized that to achieve that goal we needed to strengthen our abilities in all aspects of filmmaking as well, so we gave AthenaOnline’s Production Group more creative autonomy. We realized that we also need a great stage with a full greenscreen cyc, capable of multi-camera shots with larger groups of people. We also needed superb compositing tools, CGI and special effects capabilities, not to mention really talented people to do it all. After almost a year of looking we finally found a 5,200-square-foot facility here in Emeryville that Athena Studios can now call home.”

Athena Studios’ first project on the new stage was hosting High Noon Entertainment for their new pilot of Collection Intervention on the SyFy Network. The Athena crew has also worked with the Bay-area section of the Visual Effects Society to provide video production and post services for special membership events at such private venues as Industrial Light & Magic and the Walt Disney Family Museum. In addition, the company has collaborated with the California Film Institute on a special Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th anniversary celebration, and most recently worked with local VES board members David Tanaka and Brice Parker along with Ex’pression College for Digital Arts to produce the 2012 Mill Valley Film Festival official trailer.

Athena Studios is the production arm of AthenaOnline, which has been delivering educational programs to corporations around the world since its launch in l994.

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