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Audio Post Boutique Mr. Bronx Expands


From left: Mr. Bronx mixer/sound designer Dave Wolfe, producer Claudia Gaspar and mixer/sound designer Eric Hoffman.
From left: Mr. Bronx mixer/sound designer Dave Wolfe, producer Claudia Gaspar and mixer/sound designer Eric Hoffman.
New York-based audio post house Mr. Bronx has expanded, with the addition of two new mix rooms and the hiring of mixer/sound designer Eric Hoffman and producer Claudia Gaspar. Hoffman has nearly a decade of experience as a sound designer and mixer, working with top NY shops for major brands including Pepsi, Reebok, NHL, YouTube and Heineken as well as numerous trailers and film projects. Gaspar is a seasoned boutique studio jack-of-all-trades, with experience as a producer, studio manager and scheduler for NYC-based post shops including Headroom Digital Audio, Penny Lane Studios and Ataboy Studios.

The company recently expanded into film and television projects, having contributed ADR and dialogue recording for Ant-Man, Wet Hot American Summer, Bob’s Burgers and the upcoming animated feature film Sausage Party with Paul Rudd.

Hoffman’s most recent work with Mr. Bronx includes the Lee Daniels-directed Pepsi spot that was incorporated into the most recent episode of Empire on Dec. 2. He also crafted the sound design for an installation at Niketown NYC, featuring a two-story LED chandelier and light show, now showing through the end of December.

Hoffman first met company co-founder Dave Wolfe at audioEngine, where he worked for a total of seven years. Since 2010, he has provided sound design and mixing on a broad range of Beyoncé projects through her production company, Parkwood Pictures.

In her time in post production, Gaspar has worked on a wide range of projects for clients such as Verizon, Toyota, Microsoft, Spotify and ADCOLOR. She has also produced ADR sessions and interviews for Zero Dark Thirty, 42 and The Last Ship.

Mr. Bronx’s two new mix rooms were designed for seamless coherence between rooms. Studio designer Brian Dorfman of Orchard Design, who has provided architectural design and technical consulting services to over 70 commercial facilities over the years, designed Mr. Bronx’s original studio as well as its new expansive mix room and isolated VO booth. With the addition of their third studio, the film and ADR suite, Mr. Bronx can easily take on projects and seamlessly integrate sessions between studios.

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