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Dark Light Pictures signs Andy Garcia as Commercial Director


Andy Garcia directs for Whirlpool
Andy Garcia teams with Dark Light Pictures to direct commercials.

Andy Garcia signed with Hollywood-based production company Dark Light Pictures for representation as a commercial director. Dark Light Pictures has represented many notable directors who have made careers for themselves outside of commercials, including feature cinematographer Caleb Deschanel; actor, director and comedian David Steinberg and Michael Lehmann, whose credits include directing the film Heathers and HBO’s True Blood.

Vince Arcaro, executive producer at Dark Light Pictures, expects that Garcia’s experience working with high-caliber directors and cinematographers will benefit his work as a commercial director. “He is a very seasoned director who brings a lot of knowledge, experience and creativity to the set,” Arcaro said.

Garcia has directed for both film and television, notably the award-winning film The Lost City in 2005, but this is Garcia’s first time directing in the realm of commercials. Garcia has directed a campaign for Whirlpool and Buenos Aires agency Madre that will air across Latin America and South America.

Garcia also acts in the commercials, playing all of the parts, regardless of age or gender. In two of the spots, Garcia plays a mother and a father engaged in kitchen and laundry chores. In a third spot, he plays a father and son planning a Mother’s Day gift.

Mariana Gonzalez Ericsson, regional marketing general manager, Latin American region, for Whirlpool, said that an extensive search was conducted before Garcia was chosen as the company’s very first celebrity spokesperson. Gonzalez Ericsson added that having Garcia direct himself was an inspired choice. “He was so into the story and understood so quickly what we were trying to communicate that we felt immediately that he was the best choice to direct,” she says.

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