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Director Alberto Belli Joins Accomplice Media


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Alberto Belli
Alberto Belli
Director Alberto Belli, whose viral videos For Your Consideration and It’s Not Porn. It’s HBO have garnered international acclaim and millions of web views, has signed with Accomplice Media for exclusive representation in advertising. It’s the first commercial affiliation for the young director, who also won two Emmy awards for short comedies he directed while a student at USC.

Accomplice Media executive producer Mel Gragido said that he became interested in working with Belli after watching It’s Not Porn. It’s HBO on Facebook. In the video, several actors talk to family and friends about salacious movie roles they have participated in. The listeners are horrified until they learn the parts were in productions for the sophisticated cable network.

“It was immediately apparent that this was the work of a filmmaker whose skills would translate well to advertising,” said Gragido. “It was smartly acted and beautifully shot. It showed an adept hand, someone who understood actors and knew how to make films.”

“His work is clever and unique and clearly connects with today’s audience as shown through his millions of online views and attention from the national press,” said executive producer Jeff Snyder.

Belli first captured notoriety in January of this year through his viral video For Your Consideration, a spoof of Les Miserables, and actress Anne Hathaway’s pursuit of an Academy Award. The video drew more than a million views on YouTube. Belli’s HBO spoof has been an even bigger hit, posting more than three million views in less than a month.

Belli, who was born in Mexico to Italian parents, moved to Los Angeles to pursue a master’s degree in film at USC. His student films Zombo and The Case of the Missing Garden Gnome earned awards from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He was also honored with the prestigious John Huston Directing Merit Scholarship. Since completing his education, he has focused on directing music videos, short films, web films and documentaries.

Belli sees advertising as a natural outlet for his talents and is excited about exploring new opportunities through Accomplice Media. “I like Mel and Jeff, they are passionate and really believe in my work,” said Belli. “I also like the work of Accomplice’s other directors and I thought they were a good match for my style of humor.”

Belli called his work “heartfelt comedy.” “I want people to empathize with the characters,” he said. “I like to start with ordinary situations and take them to the extreme.”

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