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Editor Robert Ryang Joins Cut+Run


Robert Ryang
Robert Ryang
Cut+Run announced that it has hired editor Robert Ryang. Ryang will be based in the company’s New York office.

“I’ve admired Robert’s career for a long time and he’s an amazing addition to the Cut+Run family,” said EP Rana Martin. “He’s an incredibly talented, fun and compassionate person, who is known for bringing enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to every experience.”

After studying film at Columbia, Ryang first gained national recognition with a personal project – the AICE Trailer Park-winning “Shining” in which the chilling psychological horror film is reimagined as a romantic comedy.

“The ‘Shining’ trailer first put Robert on our radar and we’ve admired him ever since,” said Cut+Run founder Steve Gandolfi. “This project showed his initiative, drive and talent and demonstrated the editor he was to ultimately become.”

Ryang has frequently collaborated with director Jun Diaz including on the recent Twix Bites TBT spot via BBDO. He has also worked on numerous projects with Randy Krallman, including spots for TDAmeritrade for Havas, Steinlager for Droga 5 and AT&T for BBDO. He has also worked with such directors as Paul Feig, Stacy Wall, David Shane, Jon Watts, Ruben Fleischer and Henry Alex Rubin.

“I’ve always loved editing and the satisfaction of watching something take shape before your eyes,” said Ryang. “It’s also amazing when you can witness your work eliciting a gut reaction. It’s why I love comedy, but also the emotional impact of documentary and action projects.”

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