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HUSH Hires Eric Alba


Lead technical producer, Eric Alba

Following his work as lead producer on HUSH’s lauded “Camp Victory” project for Nike, the design agency is bringing Eric Alba on full-time as its lead technical producer. Alba will play an indispensable role in creating the broad-ranging and brand-defining design projects for which HUSH is known.

“HUSH is in the business of brand building through highly creative, award-winning experiences that leave an indelible impression on their audiences, and Eric is a perfect fit for that environment,” HUSH creative partner David Schwarz. “His work on our Nike project was absolutely unreal. He is a bulldog of unparalleled production and technical knowledge who was called ‘invaluable’ by our clients.”

Alba is an Emmy and VES-award-winning jack-of-all-trades. His early career defined his fluency in the TV, feature film and commercial spaces as both an on-set and postproduction VFX supervisor with a talent for integrating the latest front- and back-end creative technologies. He has built technical centers around the world as foundations for complex creative output, and worked as an effects supervisor for Fox, NBC, Universal, Paramount and Marvel.

“What attracted me to HUSH was their commitment to a brand’s long-term marketing and growth,” Alba said. “They are amazing at positioning their clients in the marketplace using highly designed, highly interactive experiences with tons of moving parts. As a lead producer, I am incredibly excited by this kind of work, and psyched to join this crew full-time after our phenomenal effort together on the Nike project.”

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