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John Suh Appointed President and CEO of Panavision


John Suh, formerly chief operating officer of Panavision, has been promoted to the role of president and chief executive officer.

Suh joined Panavision in March 2007 as chief financial officer, and has transitioned into broader operational roles, initially overseeing Panavision’s North American business and subsequently taking on responsibility for worldwide operations as chief operating officer. Prior to joining Panavision, John spent over 15 years at Technicolor, working in various finance and strategic planning roles.

“Panavision has a tremendous legacy within the entertainment industry for leadership in the design and manufacture of optics and cameras systems, as well as being a best-in-class service provider to the global production community. I am excited about Panavision’s future as we move closer to the introduction of a portfolio of innovative new products. Our focus is to continue to be a leader in technology at the point of capture,” said Suh.

Bill Bevins, who has been president and CEO since 2009, will now serve as the chairman of the board of Panavision, and will continue to work closely with Suh in achieving Panavision’s long-term objectives, including the completion of next-generation products and other important strategic initiatives.

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