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Kaboom Signs Director/DP Kent Harvey


Kent Harvey
Kaboom Productions has added director/DP Kent Harvey to its roster. For almost 20 years Harvey has circled the globe filming in extreme conditions for high-profile commercials, documentaries, television shows and feature films.

Kaboom EP/owner Lauren Schwartz has known Harvey for over a decade, and recently tapped his expertise to shoot segments of Kaboom’s upcoming television series with Fox Sports. It was this collaboration that ignited their conversation about Kent’s representation through Kaboom.

“Lauren is a smart executive producer who is really hands on with projects and directors,” said Harvey. “I respect her authenticity, talent for business and enthusiasm for the process. We’ve also been friends for many years, so the fit just feels right.”

“We are a small company so each addition to our roster is made with extreme care and consideration. Kent is an ideal fit for so many reasons including his tremendous passion matched with genuine warmth and massive talent,” explained Schwartz. “He has experience like no other commercial director and is perfect for agencies with premiere action and lifestyle projects.”

Harvey’s experience climbing and filming on Mt. Everest, Mount Vinson, Aconcagua, Elburs, Denali, and Kilimanjaro as well as in exotic locations like Antarctica, Asia, and South America has given the director a broad worldview with a global, human perspective. This unique vantage point has informed his work for Ford, American Express, Eddie Bauer/First Ascent, Victory motorcycles, Arctic Cat, and Ski Doo.

His work can also be seen in such feature films as Limitless, Iron Man, Hancock, Iron Man 2, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Spiderman 3, Cowboys and Aliens, Captain America and the soon-to-be-released 21 Jump Street.

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