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MTI Film Hires Jim Hannafin to Lead Restoration Business


Jim Hannafin
Jim Hannafin

MTI Film has appointed Jim Hannafin as senior vice president for business development. Hannafin, who arrives with more than 25 years of senior level experience in postproduction, will focus on growing the company’s film preservation and restoration business, domestically and globally. MTI Film is an independent provider of film restoration tools and services, with recent projects including a 4K restoration of Lawrence of Arabia for Sony Pictures.

Hannafin sees great potential for MTI Film to grow, pointing toward rapidly escalating demand for high quality restoration services in the United States and in foreign markets. “My role is to build global awareness for MTI Film’s unique combination of talent and technology,” he said. “There are tens of millions of feet of film in markets around the world that are in critical need of preservation and restoration. That creates a unique opportunity for MTI Film, a company that has consistently set the bar for quality and service.”

Hannafin previously served as director of global business development for Reliance Mediaworks. His focus there was also on film preservation and restoration, and in developing strategic relationships with studios, content owners and service providers. His experience also includes senior sales positions with Ascent Media, Fotokem and Deluxe Laboratories. Hannafin has a background in finance and earlier in his career served as chief financial officer for Technicolor.

“Jim is a great addition to our team,” said MTI Film CEO, Larry Chernoff. “He brings proven sales and marketing skills, as well as broad experience in film restoration. We expect to benefit greatly from his insight and leadership as we continue to develop that aspect of our business and take advantage of growth opportunities worldwide.”

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