Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Cinecore Launches Cloud-based Production Management System


Cinecore announced the launch of its new project management app, which eliminates the need for paper call sheets and other hard copy documents on set. Users can access the cloud-based file sharing system via computer or email. The app versions for iPhone and Android smart phones, tablets and iPad devices are scheduled to roll out between March and June.

“We fought hard to architect a system that would standardize production communication and management for entertainment projects of every size,” said Armen Titizian, co-creator of Cinecore. “Josh [Ritcher] and I have spent the past eight years meeting with producers, production companies, studios and filmmakers of all types in order to create Cinecore. In a way, this was built by them. We just gave them what they asked for.”

Users can organize entire cast and crew schedule, view location maps through the Google Maps interface and share documents across departments, ensuring that everyone is consistently working of the latest version of a document. The permissions panel offers various notification options, while controlling security and distribution. Other file types, including PDF, movies and pictures can be stored and launched in their native applications, or downloaded into Cinecore’s system for viewing by designated production staff.

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