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SFI Hires David Nelson as Executive Producer


David Nelson
Commercial production house SFI (Simpson Films), headed by founder/director Jerry Simpson, has hired David Nelson to serve as executive producer.

“David Nelson is an established NY-based production veteran with a good deal of experience in all aspects of production,” said Simpson. “He has worked closely with me on a freelance basis during the past few years. He has the proven expertise to develop creative and cost-effective solutions for agencies and their clients, so as to provide them with the highest level of production services, even as budgets and schedules continue to tighten.”

With over 25 years of experience, Nelson has worked in production on TV spots, television programs and multi-media content. Prior to joining SFI, Nelson served as line producer for director Greg Ramsey on tabletop productions and VFX greenscreen shoots out of production house Curious Pictures. Concurrently, he worked as a DGA first AD for various production companies, including SFI.

His commercial production clients have included Bully Pictures, Celsius Films, Chelsea Pictures, Curious Pictures, Czar US, Eyeball NYC, Freemarket Films, Go Film, Humble TV, Propaganda Films,, Shilo, Stardust TV and Stun Creative.

Nelson has collaborated with such directors as Anouk Besson, Christian Charles, Charlie Cole, Brett Froomer, Lionel Goldstein, Gary McKendry, Rob Meltzer, Errol Morris, Edouard Nammour, Vadim Perelman, Greg Ramsey, Michael Shapiro, Lieven van Baelen and Bruce Van Dusen.

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