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The Circus Comes to London and New York


Jono Griffith edited ‘The Bear’ for Canal+.
Jono Griffith edited ‘The Bear’ for Canal+.

Hagon, (a London-based editing house set up by editor Alex Hagon), announced that it has changed its name to Circus, and expanded into the U.S. market, with a new office in the Chelsea district of New York.

The new name recognizes the contribution Jono Griffith has made to the company in just a few short years. Hagon and Griffith will become the founding partners of Circus heading a line up of editors that also features Walter Mauriot and Joce Hockings.

“The first time I met Alex was at a dinner in a restaurant called Circus and I sat beside him, latched on, and started talking and haven’t really stopped,” Griffith explained. “I’ve always loved people who love editing and Alex is no exception: lovely man and a great editor. Starting Circus together with the goal of taking the best editing in the world to new heights feels natural and very exciting.”

Veteran sales and marketing agent Susanne Kelly will handle East Coast sales. Kelly has nearly 10 years of experience working in various marketing and sales capacities in the advertising and commercial production and post industries. Cristina Matracia will continue at Circus in the producer role.

Since Hagon was founded three years ago, the company has cut several high-profile commercials including Mastercard, “Favorite Things” for Stacy Wall, KFC “Drive Thru” for David O’Russell, and Gatorade “Wade” for Fredrik Bond. Griffith’s recent highlights include the much lauded Canal+ “Bear” film for Matthijas van Heijningen, Adidas “All In” for Roman Gavras, and Audi “Vampire Party” again for van Heijningen.

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