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Cut+Run Welcomes Editor Amy Rosenberg, Who’s Best Known for Her Work With Fashion Brands


Amy Rosenberg
Amy Rosenberg image via Cut+Run

Amy Rosenberg has joined the roster of editors at Cut+Run, where she’ll bring her artful eye and creative spirit.

With a baseline belief that every edit requires its own unique formula — part art, part science — Rosenberg has developed a unique style all her own, as well as an impeccable sense of style and timing.

“Amy has this ability to see solutions beyond the expected. Not only does she execute her craft with beautiful precision, but she also has an innate positive energy that she brings to a project. She’s collaborative, fun, and filled with ideas, as well as creative solutions – and that’s what inspires me about her,” said Cut+Run EP/partner Amburr Farls. “She makes meaningful connections that extend well beyond the job itself. And I guarantee you’ll have a new friend by the time the edit is over.”

Rosenberg is best known for her work with brands in the fashion world, including stand-out projects for Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co., Vogue, and others. While fashion will always have a special place in her heart, Rosenberg’s talent transcends multiple genres and boasts a narrative rhythm that really connects with audiences.

Moving to Los Angeles from New York, Rosenberg focused on finding a new creative home, and she felt a strong kinship with the team at Cut+Run after meeting them.

“The feeling of connection is a powerful force and a driving factor in my work and career.  From the moment I first met with Cut+Run, I experienced a seamless connection in terms of personal and creative values,” explained Rosenberg. “They represent a fantastic body of work, stemming from a collective of genuine, talented, and highly-motivated people that are truly committed to creating with purpose and joy – I love that. I am so excited to be a part of this family.”

“Amy brings incredible instincts and creativity to her craft. We are excited to have her talent as part of the Cut+Run team,” added Cut+Run U.S. Managing Partner Michelle Eskin.

Cut+Run’s editors and producers welcome challenges that spark the imagination, and they’re committed to pushing the envelope to produce emotional, thought-provoking, and category-defining work. Cut+Run’s award-winning team thrives on creativity and dedicates flexibility, resourcefulness, and tireless enthusiasm to bring visions to life. The company operates under a borderless philosophy, making editors available worldwide and on location. They have U.S. offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Austin, as well as a partnership with The Quarry for work in the UK and Europe. In addition to being an internationally-known, award-winning editorial house, Cut+Run offers premiere visual effects and finishing through its sister company, Jogger.

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