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1 Beyond Unveils Ruggedized Wrangler with SCRATCH Lab at NAB


1 Beyond unveiled its new 1 Beyond Wrangler with ASSIMILATE SCRATCH Lab, a new portable ruggedized multi-purpose on-set dailies system.

The combination of the 1 Beyond Wrangler with SCRATCH Lab delivers real-time playback and review of media up to 5K resolution, advanced metadata and LUT handling, sophisticated audio sync, and fast background rendering, all in a ruggedized portable system that moves on-location with the action and sets up in minutes.

“I couldn’t have done Pirates Of The Caribbean without the power and portability of the 1 Beyond Wrangler,” said Jeroen Hendricks, stereographer/DIT, on Disney‘s Pirates Of The Caribbean 3D. “The 1 Beyond Wrangler, equipped with two RED Rocket cards and ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, was able to quickly move with the action whether on-board ship, in the jungle, on the beach or on-set.”

The Wrangler with SCRATCH Lab can also be used to review, QC and playback full resolution shots in realtime; automatically sync audio to timecode or clap, or slip visually to waveform; create and manage Looks and LUTs, and render simultaneous deliverables completely in the background.

The 1 Beyond Wrangler with built-in camera original card readers for RED, ARRI Alexa, Sony, Panasonic, Canon and other cameras, provides:
• Automatic ingest from multiple sources and destinations simultaneously
• Duplication and verify – one read and multiple writes
• Automatic asynchronous operation allowing a new hot-swap memory card as soon as one completes
• Options for 1 or 2 x LTO-5 tape drives – also built-in

The 1 Beyond Wrangler relies on the latest generation Intel E5 CPUs, up to 32 processors, and the latest NVIDIA GPUs. This provides a more efficient workflow.

This power is combined with ASSIMILATE SCRATCH Lab’d primary color grading tools to allow artists, DPs and directors to collaborate in real-time to set looks and create LUTs. SCRATCH Lab can also instantly apply 2D or 3D pre-created LUTs. All this can be viewed in 1 Beyond Wrangler’s built-in 1920×1200 screen or with any 2D or 3D, single or dual SDI, DVI or HDMI external monitor.

“Visitors to our and our partners’ booths will be able to see how we have managed to completely streamline the entire on-set dailies process,” explained Terry Cullen, 1 Beyond’s founder and CEO. “These same systems have been selected for their reliability and power on over 30 major film and documentary productions all over the world, including off-the-grid locations like remote India, Africa, Siberia and the South Pole.”

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