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AJA Announces CION Third Party Support


At IBC, AJA Video Systems announced a series of third-party partnerships for its upcoming CION Camera. The CION’s RAW camera format will soon be supported in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and several camera accessory manufacturers are designing for the camera, which is expected to ship this year.

CION features an ergonomic design and is capable of shooting at 4K/Ultra-HD and 2K/HD resolutions. AJA developed lens-to-post Apple ProRes workflows with the introduction of the Ki Pro product line in 2009. CION builds on this by offering in-camera recording directly to AJA Pak SSD media in the Apple ProRes family of codecs – including 12-bit 444 – for pristine image capture.

“We are thrilled that out of the gates, so many best of breed developers have expressed interest in supporting CION,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. “In addition to this great group of developers, there are many more working on unique and exciting accessories and workflows centered around CION.”

When the camera ships, it will work with Alphatron‘s electronic viewfinder, along with their full line of accessories including matte boxes, follow focuses, camera plates and a pedestal. Additionally, through Alphatron’s camRade division, the company is developing a rain cover and camera bag custom fit to CION’s specifications.

Leveraging CION’s removable lens mount, MTF announced a host of new lens adapters already in production including Nikon/G to CION, Canon EF to CION, Canon EF (electric) to CION, Canon FD to CION, ARRI Bayonet to CION and an optical B4 to CION package.

Wooden Camera is also developing several alternate lens mounts for CION, including Canon, Nikon and Leica M. The CION’s adherence to industry standards allows attachment of accessories like Wooden Camera top plates, quick release top handle, EVF holder, rod support system, battery mount and rosette based handgrips.

Vocas is also developing an array of standard camera accessories that work with CION including matte boxes, focus controllers and cheese plates.

Zacuto‘s newest EVF, the Gratical HD, announced at NAB 2014, along with its entire line of standard camera accessories will also be ideal for CION shooters.

AJA also released a new teaser reel shot using the CION camera in Grass Valley and Nevada City California over the course of three days in the first week of September.

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