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ARRI Introduces Accessory Kits for Blackmagic Cinema Cameras


ARRI has introduced new “ready-to-shoot” kits for Blackmagic Design’s new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The kits from the ARRI Pro Camera Accessories (PCA) line are built for a variety of users, situations and environments.

Starting at $1,200, the kits include ARRI’s Mini Base Plate MBP-3 and Camera Cage System, offering an easy way to mount accessories through industry standard 3/8-16″ and 1/4-20″ interfaces, as well as a Universal Cable Safe System CCS-1, which protects internal electronics against accidental stress when using HDMI, USB or audio cables.

ARRI’s MBP-3 was designed to fit small cameras, such as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, through dedicated adapter plates. Attaching lightweight cage support system to the MBP-3 provides numerous 3/8-16” and 1/4-20” mounting points for arms and accessories and an ergonomic design allows for efficient set up and operation.

The ARRI PCA set for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera come in several different configurations. The basic configuration adds an aluminum left side Support Arm CSL-1, providing solid support for handles and accessories, while still allowing for the use of handgrip and controls. The top-of-the-line professional configuration comes with a Hot Shoe Bracket CHS-1 to prevent camera body flex.

“All motion picture cameras need reliable and well-designed accessories to deliver the best results,” said Stephan Schenk, general manager of ARRI’s Camera and DI Business Unit. “The idea behind our Pro Camera Accessories range is to make film-style functionality available to users of all professional cameras that are real players in the market, which the new Blackmagic camera clearly is. Both Blackmagic and ARRI have responded quickly to customer demand, working together to create an accessory kit that improves the interface between camera and operator.”

“Seeing the addition of ARRI accessories for our Blackmagic Cinema Camera is incredibly exciting,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “When we designed the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, it was vital that it could work with the best accessories possible to ensure quality, reliability and the ability to work in any production situation or location. ARRI’s PCA kits absolutely provide that.”

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