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Blackmagic Design Releases Camera Update 1.8


Blackmagic Design announced the release of Blackmagic Camera Update 1.8 software, which includes updated features for all of the company’s cameras. The free update is available on the company’s website.

The software is built on a new code base that improves performance and offers a new user interface, similar in design to the URSA camera announced at NAB.

The update adds compressed RAW DNG support for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K model, allowing RAW recording which captures more dynamic range and a higher image quality, which is helpful in postproduction and color grading. DaVinci Resolve 11 fully supports RAW grading and rendering to final output direct from the RAW camera original files.

New features in the update include enhanced lens control support for EF lens mount cameras such as the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K models. This means customers can now get auto focus when pushing the focus button on active EF based lenses. The cameras will mathematically analyze the center of the image and optimize the focus for maximum sharpness. This is important with high resolution 4K cameras where images are so sharp that accurate focus is critical for the best results.

The new release also improves the focus peaking display allowing accurate and sharp manual focus, critical when using cine lenses. The focus peaking is now green in color so it’s much easier to see, and the filters generating the edge peaking have been optimized allowing for better detection and display. In addition, the iris control has been changed, due to customer request, to hold its setting between record and playback.

The update also includes major improvements for the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera models, including improved audio performance and a completely rewritten de-bayer processor designed to capture sharper images.

Improvements for the Pocket Cinema Camera include the updated interface, new focus peaking and improved de-bayer quality, plus additional active MFT lens support for Sigma and Lumix lenses.

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