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Boxx TV to Demonstrate a New Lightweight Transmitter on a Remote-Controlled Helicopter at NAB


Boxx TV, a U.K. manufacturer of wireless links for broadcast cameras, will demonstrate a new transmitter and receiver for airborne filming at NAB 2013. The system, which uses the latest version of the company’s Zenith transmitter and receiver, will be shown with a remote controlled, multi-rotor device at the company’s booth, (C7706).

Zenith, which is Boxx TV’s wireless ENG system for longer ranges, operates reliably over half a mile, and has achieved more than 18 miles in a point-to-point setup. The company has produced a new lightweight model, weighing less than a pound, for airborne applications. It uses H.264 encoding and 1080/60P and is offered in two versions, for HDMI or HD-SDI input. The output from the receiver is delivered as HD-SDI. The data rates and signal strengths are controlled using web-based software running on a laptop connected by a Cat 5 cable.

The Zenith transmitter and receiver operate in the license-exempt 5.1-5.9 GHz band.

Boxx TV has created this demonstration with partner AirKraft Productions, to show a simple, cost-effective system for filming where HD video is required from an airborne camera.

“We are seeing a lot of interest in transmitters for airborne cameras,” explained Boxx TV co-founder Scott Walker. “Zenith is already proven for TV, for commercials, live sports and wildlife documentaries, but it’s also a very useful solution for public security applications – or any situation requiring high-quality video from an aircraft.”

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