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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to Supply ENG Crews with Zylight F8 LED Fresnels


Adobe Photoshop PDFZylight, a manufacturer of LED lighting, announced that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is supplying its ENG crews with F8 LED Fresnels. Deliveries began last summer and approximately 100 lights have been distributed between English and French-language production crews. The F8s are part of a three-year agreement to supply fixtures and accessories to the CBC through Vistek, a Zylight dealer based in Toronto.

“The F8 is a great choice for the CBC because it delivers high quality light in less than ideal conditions,” said Charlie Collias, Zylight senior vice president of worldwide sales. “It’s also an ideal replacement for HMI lights in the field because it stays cool to the touch and can be powered by a standard camera battery.”

Available in tungsten (3200K) or daylight (5600K) versions, the F8 collapses to less than four inches thick for easy transport and storage. Ideal for run-and-gun ENG applications, the F8 can be powered by a standard 14.4V camera battery or AC adapter, and it is water resistant (IP54) for use in challenging location conditions. With a high CRI (color rendering index) as well as a high TLCI (television lighting consistency index), the fully dimmable F8 offers an adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees) with a patented focusing system for spot and flood operations. Plus, its eight-inch Schott glass lens maintains single shadow traditional Fresnel beam shaping.

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