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Codex to Show Vault 2 at Cine Gear in Hollywood


Codex's Vault 2 will be on display at Cine Gear Expo.
Codex’s Vault 2 will be on display at Cine Gear Expo.

Codex will demonstrate Vault 2, May 31 through June 2 at Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood. The Vault, which has been used on a number of recent feature productions including Marvel’s Iron Man 3, now supports Sony’s F5 and F55 cameras. It also includes support for REDMAGs used by RED Epic and Scarlet cameras.

Introduced in 2012, the Vault facilitates fast transfers of camera data, archiving to LTO tape and automated production management. It has been embraced by some of the industry’s top camera rental houses including Otto Nemenz, Claremont Camera and the ARRI Rental Group, as well as movie and television studios such as Marvel, HBO and Disney.

Other new Vault features include a Codex review module for playback of original camera media (including 4K) directly through Vault for QC and review. A new removable storage module features eight terabytes of storage capacity. It can be used as a substitute for internal storage, providing greater flexibility and the ability to quickly increase storage capacity.

Codex will also show the recently released internal recording module. The XR Module, co-developed with ARRI, is a side panel that replaces Alexa’s SxS Module. It allows internal recording of ARRIRAW at speeds up to 120 fps (16:9) onto 512 GB XR Capture Drive. The module facilitates untethered shooting in a smaller camera configuration. Apple ProRes can also be captured to the XR Capture Drive for significantly longer recording times. New ARRI Alexa XT cameras will include the XR Module.

Additionally, Codex will be showing simple, streamlined workflows for RED, Sony, GoPro, ARRI and Canon cameras. Recent productions that have relied on Codex products include World War Z, The Host, Iron Man 3, Admission, The Wolverine, White House Down, The Lone Ranger, Trance and The Internship. Current productions employing Codex products include Prisoners, X Men: Days of Future Past, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Animal Rescue, Thor: The Dark World and The Man Who Sold the World.

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