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Cospective Launches Frankie Real-time Video Review


Cospective, (formerly known as Rising Sun Research), announced the official public launch of Frankie – its new real-time video review platform. Built on the same technology as the Academy Award-winning cineSync software, Frankie is tailored for short-form content production workflows. It enables users to interactively review and discuss videos between multiple locations. Participants can play, pause, make notes and even sketch ideas right onto the video – all in sync with everyone in the review.

Being a web-based application, Frankie runs across different browsers and platforms. The host simply uploads the videos they wish to discuss, then brings guests into the review by sending them a link.

The system makes it easy to work with clients and collaborators in other countries or cities. Work-in-progress can be reviewed and discussed, using drawing tools to illustrate exactly what is intended. It is also ideal for discussing storyboards and sketching out ideas to make sure that everyone is on the same page right from the start.

“Frankie is the result of extensive consultation with users who live and breathe TV commercials and other short form content,” said Rory McGregor, CEO of Cospective. “Frankie makes it easy to discuss content with others, no matter where they are. Best of all, our users keep telling us that Frankie actually makes the review process a whole lot more fun.”

“Frankie assists in all stages of our workflow, from concept design to final feedback,” explained beta-tester Takeshi Takada, executive producer at Alt.vfx. “The real-time discussions and feedback we receive from clients cuts huge amounts of time spent going back and forth between client, director and other artists we collaborate with. It allows us to show exactly what we are talking about, rather than trying to relay information over email or phone.”

According to Oliver Lawrence, executive producer at Photoplay Films, “Photoplay recently had to manage post on a international TV commercial for Samsung. Frankie was fantastic. It allowed everyone to communicate live online, watch the work-in-progress (WIP) videos and point out post elements to fix really accurately. It saved a lot of time and is a vital tool for me to manage post WIP reviews.”

Frankie is offered on a monthly subscription basis, making it easy to activate as needed for individual projects.

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