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Dashwood Cinema Solutions Releases Stereo3D CAT


Dashwood Cinema Solutions, developer of Mac-based stereoscopic 3D products, announced the availability of its Stereo3D CAT on-set calibration and analysis system. The system simplifies stereoscopic 3D camera calibration and monitoring.

3D production and rental facility, 21st Century 3D is one of the first production operations to add Stereo3D CAT to its arsenal. “With the recent proliferation of stereoscopic 3D live-action production, we have seen many newcomers charging into the field,” explained Jason Goodman, CEO, 21st Century 3D. “Stereo3D CAT gives experts and novices alike the tools they require to empirically analyze their stereoscopic 3D images and eliminate guesswork in aligning 3D beam splitter rigs like the 21st Century 3D BX3.5. Stereo3D CAT demystifies many of the greatest challenges of shooting 3D, while simultaneously commoditizing the formerly expensive process of digital stereoscopic image analysis and reporting.”

Stereo3D CAT implements a unique patent-pending technology to accurately align the geometry and colorimetry of stereoscopic setups, calculating proper interaxial separation for any given parallax depth budget, monitoring parallax and vergence in the scene, compensating for disparities in the image and logging all settings for future reference in production or postproduction.

IMAX 3D cameraman and stereographer Dylan Reade, known for his work on Born To Be Wild, was one of the first to beta test the Stereo3D CAT system. “Stereo3D CAT is a versatile tool that integrates many features formerly available only in a combination of high-end systems, and it is poised to be a winner as a standalone approach to on-set stereoscopic monitoring,” said Reade. “The intuitive tools and features for alignment and parallax evaluation have been very well thought out. Of particular value is the ability to set and view HIT values in real time and the package is extremely portable. The small footprint was welcome on a theatrical set, but will be of even greater interest to smaller independent and documentary crews.”

“What makes Stereo3D CAT so different is that it’s built by professionals who know the ins and outs of the rapidly changing stereoscopic 3D production industry,” says Tim Dashwood, founder, Dashwood Cinema Solutions. “Since its introduction, our Stereo3D CAT beta has been in the field, supporting some of the industry’s most in-demand S3D production teams. The real-world application not only helped accelerate our development, it demonstrated just how powerful the new workflow was for production teams. Even very early on, one of the beta testers was able to use Stereo3D CAT to analyze S3D images for an upcoming feature film they were shooting. Stereo3D CAT was so successful, it actually supplanted the 3D field monitors that would normally have been used.”

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