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Element Technica Debuts Accessories for Sony PMW-F3 Camera


Sony PMW-F3 camera mounted on Element Technica F3 Riser, shown with shoulder mount and iris rods.
As Sony’s engineers were putting the finishing touches on the company’s groundbreaking PMW-F3 Super 35mm sensor camcorder, Element Technica (ET) was working in close cooperation with the camera maker to develop purpose-built accessories to allow the new F3 to utilize the thousands of existing motion picture camera and lens accessories in rental house and owner/operator inventory. The first of ET’s F3 accessories is a riser kit, which includes a form-fitting bottom plate that reinforces the F3’s body and provides a stable mounting point for bridge plates, risers, Steadicam, remote heads and other support gear.

“The Sony F3 is a breakthrough for independent producers and filmmakers in terms of features, performance and price,” said Steve Hertler, Element Technica operations manager. “Element Technica F3 accessories provide the bridge to truly professional filmmaker camera and lens tools to complement this amazing camera.”

The new riser kit is built around a unique riser that serves two important functions. It provides iris rod support in the LW-15 standard, which makes it compatible with professional follow focus device remote lens drive motors, matte boxes, and any other rod based accessory. The riser also raises the camera’s height so as to be compatible with all major 15mm and 19mm studio bridge plates from both ET and ARRI. And the kit includes a form-fitting shoulder pad that is magnetically fastened to the interface plate so that it can be quickly shifted fore or aft to achieve perfect balance.

The PMW-F3 Riser Kit is now shipping. The company is planning to introduce new additions to its F3 accessory suite by the end of the year.

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