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FOR-A’S FT-ONE-S 4K Variable Frame Rate Camera to Make U.S. Debut at NAB


FT-ONE-S-emailFT-ONE-SFOR-A will be showing the newest version of its 4K variable frame rate camera at NAB in April – the FT-ONE-S. The camera was first seen at the Inter BEE Show in Japan in November, and NAB will mark the U.S. debut.

The FT-ONE-S is smaller and lighter than previous versions of the camera. It also allows users to separate the camera head from the body, enabling unique shooting positions and angles for sports production and other live events. The camera links operators optically and via an intercom system, so that users can shoot from the field with up to one km distance between the unit and base station.

The camera head is smaller and lighter than that of the original FT-ONE camera. The unit can capture footage at up to 360 fps. The FT-ONE-S also features a super 35 mm sensor and enhanced resistance to dust and water. It also includes the ability to color correct video output live using its 12-axis system, which is particularly useful for on-site color-matching between scenes, or when ensuring color consistency with video shot from other cameras.

The base station of the FT-ONE-S was designed for installation in vans or where live events are covered, and eliminates the need for a control computer. Communication with the camera includes tally signals, shooting feedback and intercom functionality. Besides powering the camera head, the base station receives video and controls super slow-motion material.

Previous versions of the camera – the original FT-ONE, as well as the FT-ONE-OPT, which also features optical cable to allow shooting in the field with ease – will also be on display in FOR-A’s booth at NAB. Both versions are able to record 4K video at up to 900 fps.

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