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Fujifilm Offers Online Presentation to Introduce, Discuss New Fujinon Products


FujinonOn September 2, Fujifilm will hold a special Fujinon Cinema Lens online presentation to introduce its new products, specifically new Premista lenses, as well as to discuss the advantages of Fujinon variable focus length lenses and more.

Fujifilm had this to say about the presentation:

“As our industry continues to adapt and evolve during this unique period, and in the absence of the Cine Gear, Cinec and other film community gatherings, FUJIFILM will host an interactive presentation introducing media, cinematographers, and rental houses to FUJINON’s latest cinema lens technology.”

You can register for one of two sessions, depending on where you’re located on the planet:


10:00am – London – BST
11:00am – Central Europe – CEST
Noon – Moscow – MSK
2:30pm – India – IST
5:00pm – Beijing – UTC
6:00pm -Tokyo – UTC
7:00pm – Sydney – AEST


10:00am Los Angeles – PDT
Noon – Mexico City – CDT
1:00pm – New York – EDT
2:00pm – São Paulo – BRT
6:00pm – London – BST
7:00pm – Johannesburg – CEST
8:30pm – India – IST


(Zoom details will be sent once you’re registered.)

Here is some more information about the presentation:

In response to the emergence of Variable Focal Length Lenses (zooms) on productions during COVID, Fujifilm will present a Blind Comparison of Zooms & Primes shot by German cinematographer Marko Massinger.

Fujinon MK RF Mount from Duclos Lenses
Duclos Lenses’ RF Modification to Fujinon Lightweight MK Series
18-55mm & 50-135 T2.9 | 2.2 pounds / 990 grams
Matthew Duclos will present this exciting new
Third Party Product via Zoom.
Other Products that will be Introduced include:
An extremely long, fast, PL Mount FUJINON zoom lens developed in response to the unique needs of the Multi-Cam Cinema Style Production market.
A cost-effective solution to Blackmagic’s new URSA Mini 12K camera.
A variety of new Third Party Products that enhance FUJINON lenses for film crews .

You can learn more about Fujinon lenses at the official Fujifilm site.

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