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ALIBI Releases New Production Music Tracks for True Crime, Suspense & Horror


Alibi.logo1ALIBI has announced the release of its newest production music, which includes six albums for genres such as true crime, family adventure, thriller, horror and action. The tracks have been structured to meet the needs of Editors cutting promos, trailers, commercials and content.

And the albums are:

True Crime Drama 3 – This is the latest release in ALIBI’s True Crime Drama collection, for which albums 1 and 2 were used in the productions for Forensic Files II, How It Really Happened and Very Scary People, among many others. Listen Here.

Epic Fun Action – A collaboration of composers Jesse Billson and ALIBI’s own Tim Hare, this album was especially created for use in epic light-hearted family promos and trailers. Listen Here.

Moody Beats – This album from multiple talented composers features cool and mysterious avant garde electronic beats inspired by artists such as Billie Eilish, Janelle Monáe, Todrick Hall and FKA Twigs. Ideal for use in fashion, luxury and beauty-related commercials. Listen Here.

Cover art for ALIBI’s True Crime Drama 3 album

Suspense Thriller – Another sampling of diverse composing talent, this album features high-impact, hauntingly scary music for use in thriller promos and trailers, as well as in true crime programming. Listen Here.

Piano Horror – This methodic horror album was composed by Guy Jones almost entirely out of recordings he made “abusing” a grand piano! Created for use in promos and trailers for horror and true crime programming. Listen Here.

Hybrid Hip Hop – Tense, dramatic and action-packed cues are driven by badass hip hop beats in this album from the composers of ALIBI’s Epic Hip Hop, who have taken its sound in a darker and grittier direction for action and thriller promos/trailers as well as video game trailers. One of its tracks has already been licensed for use in an upcoming trailer for Tales from the Hood 3Listen Here.

ALIBI’s production music and sound design have helped to promote such notable projects as the popular STARZ series Power Book II: Ghost, the video game based on The Walking Dead and IFC Films’ movie release The Rental, among thousands of others.

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