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Hive Lighting to Showcase the Bee Plasma Flood and New HDP Lenses at NAB


At the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) in Las Vegas, Hive Lighting will showcase two of its latest innovations in plasma production lighting: the Bee Plasma Flood light and Holographic Diffusing Polycarbonate (HDP) lenses.

The Bee Plasma Flood is Hive Lighting’s first open face lighting system. Using only 276 watts, it is flicker-free (up to 225,000,000 fps) and produces virtually no heat in the beam, while still delivering high-quality output that is comparable to any conventional fixture. The unit weighs only 10 pounds making it transportable and a time saver during set up and breakdown. The Bee has a 100 degree field, with a unique reflector system that creates a bell curve of output distribution. The majority of the light is focused in the center 50 degrees before evenly tapering to a full 100 degree flood. The result is a flood light that can throw great distances, cast a sharp single shadow, and also function as a panel.

The Holographic Diffusing Polycarbonate (HDP) lenses offer diffusion in a lightweight, durable body for Hive’s Plasma Par and Maxi systems. The HDP lenses are crafted from a rigid polycarbonate that utilizes patented surface microstructures to homogenize and shape light effectively. The resulting diffusion is identical to traditional glass lenses, but from a lens that will not break or shatter and is a fraction of the weight,  transmitting 20-40% more light than their glass counterparts.

Hive Lighting, a Los Angeles-based company, has been a developer of plasma production lighting systems since launching in 2011. The Hive family of products, including the Hornet Plasma Fresnel, Wasp Plasma Par, Killer Plasma Maxi, and the Source Four Drone Retrofit Kit, utilizes plasma lighting technology to run on 50 percent to 90 percent less energy than conventional studio fixtures. Hive’s lamps use a single plasma source that produces flicker-free, full, even-spectrum, daylight-balanced light with a CRI of 94. Each of Hive’s universal orientation bulbs last for 10,000+ hours and generate little to no heat.

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