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Hollywood Center Studios Upgrades Television Control Rooms


Hollywood Center Studios’ control room 2.
Hollywood Center Studios has installed state-of-the-art monitor walls in two of its television control rooms as part of a major upgrade to its television production operations. Each wall features six flat screen plasma monitors with multi-viewer capability. Control room technicians can now monitor dozens of video sources simultaneously and can adjust the size and position of images through a simple PC interface.

“The wall provides a simple, streamlined way to monitor everything that is happening on the set, or sets,” explained Hollywood Center Studios director of engineering David Maxwell. “It also takes up less space, uses less energy and produces less heat than conventional monitoring, making for a better working environment for control room staff.”

The monitor walls are installed in Hollywood Center Studios’ control rooms two and three, which serve stages where television series for Disney and Comedy Central are produced. Similar monitor walls will be installed in the studio’s two additional control rooms in the coming months.

Hollywood Center Studios is using Apantac Tahoma multiviewer technology and 50- and 60-inch HD plasma displays in each installation. Each display is capable of 1080I output or better. The Apantac technology results in signal processing delay of just a single frame.

Hollywood Center Studios has also purchased nine Vinten Quattro-L camera pedestals, giving it a total of 13. The pedestals will be paired with the studio’s existing stock of Sony HDC-1500 high-definition cameras. The studio has also purchased several Sony XDCAM tapeless recording decks. The camera systems and recording decks will be used to service the multi-camera television series produced on the lot.

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