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Hybrid Studios Upgrades Sound Stage Power


LR-f5438027-207c-4e5c-a4cd-21772e28dddeSanta Ana, Calif.-based Hybrid Studios recently upgraded the power distribution system on its sound stage, greatly increasing its maximum capacity and power handling for large-scale projects.

“We’re pleased to announce the installation of a brand new Camlok 16 hook-up on Hybrid’s sound stage,” said studio manager Mike Miller. “This new power source will allow productions to directly plug-in and distribute massive amounts of power to their camera and lighting equipment in a safe, efficient manner.”

The addition of the Camlok system brings total power figures on Hybrid’s sound stage to a massive 700 amps and the interface features both cam-type and lug-type outputs. It is also equipped with an electronic trip main breaker to ensure safety.

“At Hybrid, it’s important to us that our clients and partners have the necessary tools in studio to make their visions come to life,” Miller added. “With the Camlok 16 hook-up in place, we are confident that the incredible artists and production teams who frequent the stage can securely operate without limitations to create the best products possible.”

Hybrid’s 2,000-square-foot sound stage is acoustically and light controlled, making it adaptable to any sized project. The stage is complete with a dual insulated 14′ x 12′ door and a 20′ x 35′ x 20′ cyclorama lit by Kino Image 87s and Arri L7Cs, suspended from a 600-square-foot lighting grid. Adjacent to the stage is a makeup room with a full bath, dressing and green room equipped to serve any and all cosmetic needs. The soundstage is complete with a sound-proof 5.1 mixing and video editing suite capable of producing anything from a small concert to a live audience television show.

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