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IMAGO Working with Sony to Support International Cinematography Community


IMAGOIMAGO, the International Federation of Cinematographers, has announced that it’s working with the Sony Corporation to distribute grants to support the international cinematography community as part of the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19.

Sony established the global initiative to deliver $100 million in support to the frontline medical community, children and educators, and the creative community in the entertainment industry. Sony approached IMAGO and other organizations to help distribute a portion of the fun to cinematography applicants through IMAGO’s worldwide member organizations, made up of 53 international cinematography groups. (Sony will work with other organizations to cover cinematographers in the USA, Canada and Japan.)

IMAGO is currently reaching out to its member organizations on how to apply for the grant.

Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. Vice President Hiroshi Kawano said about the initiative: “Sony has always worked closely with the creative community, by helping them pursue high-quality content creation. This community’s success is vital to our own, which is why we have decided to implement these support measures in their time of need . . . We are proud to contribute funds and support to the content creation industry.”

IMAGO’s recently-appointed President, Kees Van Oostrum ASC, added, “On behalf of IMAGO and our members around the globe, we applaud Sony’s generous initiative, which recognises the current difficulties that so many of our colleagues will be facing. We are delighted that Sony has recognised IMAGO as an organisation able to ensure that this help reaches those who need it most among our member organisations worldwide.”


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