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Impossible TV Delivers Campaign for Discovery’s Destination America


Behind the scenes on “Destination America” network launch shoot.
Impossible TV was recently called on to capture the pure essence of Americana in a comprehensive promotional campaign for the launch of Discovery Communications’ newest channel – Destination America. The brand-building production company developed a range of live-action deliverables, including an upfront presentation image/launch spot and numerous series promos, all of which reflect the brand’s unabashed and unapologetic celebration of our country’s people, food and travel.

“The goal of the Destination America team was to evoke a feeling with this network,” explained Impossible’s creative director, Andrew McGuire. “So we wrote a series of brand anthem spots that celebrate what makes America the greatest show on earth, while simply branding Destination America as the only place where this country’s great stories, places and people live.”

This meant writing, casting and shooting slice-of-life scenes and character portraits of the “real America.” The resulting spots were directed by Impossible’s director/DP Kevin Emmons.

“We needed a collaborative, creative partner who could truly deliver and we knew Impossible would be the perfect choice,” said Doug Seybert, SVP marketing for Destination America. “Impossible provided us with a unique campaign and a voice and tone for the network that will stand up over time to help us differentiate this network in a crowded television landscape.”

Destination America Live Action Montage from Impossible on Vimeo.

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