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Intuitive Aerial to Introduce New Controller and Remote Camera Head at IBC2015


LR-NEWTON and DOMINION by Intuitive Aerial copy-emailLR-NEWTON and DOMINION by Intuitive Aerial copySwedish drone manufacturer Intuitive Aerial will introduce its new Dominion controller for its Aerigon airborne camera platform as well as its new Newton gyro-stabilized remote camera head at IBC next week in Amsterdam.

The Dominion controller is a portable device that allows camera operators to guide camera movement, focus and other camera settings on board the Aerigon while in flight, giving camera operators even greater control when capturing aerial footage using virtually any modern camera.

The Newton is controlled by the Dominion controller, allowing precise operation of the remote stabilized head, camera and lens via dual-frequency wireless communication, which enables the system to perform in congested wireless environments.

“Aerigon provides an amazing airborne platform for professional cinematography,” said Austin White, owner and pilot at USA Sport. “Adding new gimbal controls takes that precision to the next level. The combination of drone movement and gimbal controls is like an aerial dance and gives me options for shots that would have been impossible before.”

The Dominion was previewed at NAB earlier this year, where White used it for Aerigon demo flights.

“After using the Dominion at NAB, I will never go back to a standard radio controller,” said White. “Everything is right there – FIZ controls and the option to begin shooting after you’re airborne. For the first time I am able to switch focal length while flying. It’s a huge advantage to be able to change any of the camera settings in flight.”

“We only have minutes in the air, which turn into seconds really quick,” White explained. “With any other drone and gimbal I have to figure out the settings on the ground before launching. This can be tricky as, for example, when the sun is setting. It’s guesswork, trying to anticipate what camera and lens settings to use. We only find out if we got the settings right once we’re shooting and then, if they’re wrong, it’s too late. With the Dominion controller, I can adjust camera and lens settings on the fly. This is huge.”

The Aerigon is designed for use with Hollywood-standard cameras and lenses. It can carry over 20 lbs. of camera equipment plus gimbal.

The Aerigon and Dominion controller will demonstrated in the Drone Zone at IBC Sept. 12 at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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