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Joey Brezinski Tricks out His iPhone with iPro Lenses


Joey Brezinski performing a manual, the skateboarding trick for which he has become known.

Skateboarding pro Joey Brezinski takes his fans on a wild ride every time he steps on a board. His famous name dons skateboard paraphernalia from boards to sneakers. For Brezinski, showing what he can do is not enough. “Not too long ago I decided that I wanted to make a skating montage using only my iPhone,” Brezinski explained. “When I found the Schneider iPro lenses, I knew they would add that extra excitement to shots of my friends and fellow skateboard enthusiasts.”

“The iPro 2X Tele allows me to get in close to the boards, the action, the excitement of skateboarding,” he said. “The Wide Angle helps get much more into the frame and the Fisheye adds an extra wild dimension to a trick or sequence. I really like how the iPro Lens System is a phone case and I never have to take the lens off. It’s always ready to go when I need it. Plus, the glass is so good – it enhances my photos to their best potential.”

“Recently, I took my iPhone and iPro lenses for a ride in my Venice neighborhood,” Brezinski said. “I followed my friends, capturing their moments while getting tricks, sequences, and action shots – even some images of my pug Pizza. And we got some new product shots for boards and shoes that I’m about to release. It was all stuff I would never be able to do without the iPro lenses.”

The iPro lenses enhance the iPhone Brezinski already has. Each lens easily bayonet mounts on and off and lets him capture more in every shot. The pocket-sized lens case securely protects Brezinski’s lenses as he rides his board over a variety of risky moves. The case, which doubles as a tripod mount, also makes a comfortable handle so Brezinski has a firm grip on his camera, as he takes the iPro System through the ride.

Brezinski, who is known as the “Manual King,” created the Red Bull Manny Mania contest in 2007. The skateboarding trick known as the “manual” is balancing on either the front or the back two wheels, plus variations of sliding, grinding or flipping in or out. Since 2007, the annual contest has gone international. Some of the first footage Brezinski shot with the iPro lens system was done in France as part of the tour and can be seen on the Red Bull USA website.

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