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Kinsky Chooses Sachtler Artemis Handheld for The Aerial Girl


Danna Kinsky with the artemis handheld stabilizer system.
Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, announced that cinematographer Danna Kinsky has chosen the artemis handheld stabilizer system to support The Aerial Girl. Kinsky and director Anna Simone Scott decided to capture this short narrative adventure using the Canon 7D and prime lenses.

“Pairing the lightweight Canon camera with the artemis handheld allowed us to move quickly and keep the audience in the moment,” explained Kinsky.

Kinsky discovered the range of artemis camera stabilzer systems while attending Sachtler’s artemis workshop in Los Angeles last November. “I found artemis to be better than other stabilizer systems I have worked with in the past,” she explained. “As a woman, the vests of the other rig brands never quite fit me. In testing the artemis rigs and vests, I found the smaller size of the artemis DV Pro to be a better fit, which makes for better stabilization and makes me a better operator.”

“When The Aerial Girl project came up, I knew the artemis handheld would help me capture the story the way we wanted,” she added. “Curt Schaller and the people at Sachtler set up a practice session for me, so I could master all of artemis’ capabilities. After three hours, I felt comfortable with the system in hand.”

“On the day of the shoot, after a few takes, the director and producers were pleased with the results. There were a few very specific shots that I could never have accomplished without artemis.”

“As the director of The Aerial Girl, beautifully shot by Danna Kinsky, I found her use of the artemis handheld to be most evocative in one scene, as it created a feeling of the pivotal character moving large towards the frame which was perfect for that scene,” adds Scott.

Whether using a full-sized artemis or the handheld, a key advantage of Sachter’s precision crafted modular system is compatibility with a wide range of cameras. The artemis design ensures that the camera rig is optimally balanced, due to the ability to freely position batteries and monitors based on the patented “dual dynamic balance.” Special attention was also paid to the heart of the stabilizer, the gimbal.

The Aerial Girl, produced through Anna Simone Scott and Peter Sands Vision Fire Films and shot by Danna Kinsky, is now in the last stages of postproduction. The film is set to travel the international film festival circuit later this year.

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