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Mako Koiwai Chooses Norbert Sports Jr. for Indy 500 Shoot


Mako Koiwai using Norbert Sport Jr.
Cameraman Mako Koiwai is one of the first to use K-Tek’s new Norbert Sport Jr. for a high-profile production. Mako recently chose the newest of the Norbert line for New Wave Entertainment’s shoot for 3net of the 100th Anniversary of the Indy 500 in 3D.

Mako explained that the pairing of the Norbert Sport Jr. with the new GoPro cameras was the perfect combination. “By themselves, GoPros are too light for getting smooth handheld shots,” he said. “The Norbert Sport Jr. adds a bit of heft. They have solid handgrips and a place to add a neck strap, if you are carrying more than one at a time. I was able to push the cameras to the limits because of the added stability and performance of the Norbert Sport Jr. I don’t know of any other support that could do this.”

“One of the best things about the Norbert line is that it is extremely adaptable to many different situations. They have been designed with a variety of mounting points for accessories, yet this doesn’t make them too bulky or heavy,” he added.

While much of Mako’s work is operating or assisting on high-end commercials shot with full-size cameras, he often adds GoPro shots. “And, the Norbert Sport Jr. is always part of that support package. Often the GoPro is used for car mount shots. However, just as often we’ll pull a GoPro for handheld – and that’s where Norbert Sport Jr. is there to stabilize these lightweight mini cameras, to insure professional-looking results.”

Mako has also been testing the new Norbert Sport Jr. for 3D GoPro set-ups where he can adjust the inter-axial distance between two GoPros. “I know of no other rig that would allow me to easily mount one GoPro upside down, which is what the GoPro sync cable requires,” he explained.

Norbert Sport Jr. is ideal for use as a rack to go with GoPro and GoPro 3D camera systems. Based on the Norbert Sport, the smaller Jr. features a top plate made of anodized aluminum with numerous shoe mounts, as well as 1/4×20 and 3/8×16 thread holes. The sure-hold side handles are foam-covered graphite. Another cushioned grip fits securely on the top or bottom of the frame for easy handling regardless of orientation.

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