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Matthews Launches Veeboxx Soft Box Enclosure for Astera 40″ Titan Tube


Veeboxx by Matthews

As mentioned in our coverage of Cine Gear Expo 2020 earlier this week, Matthews Studio Equipment introduced its Veeboxx™, at the show. It’s a portable soft box enclosure that works with The Claw by Matthews to quickly transform the Astera 40” Titan tube into a diffused lighting source.

The Claw & VeeBoxx form a safe, practical, solution to bring delicate tubes into the hefty world of grips and gaffers. It was designed by Sci-Tech Award-winning Key Grip Richard Mall with gaffer Jeremy Launais and is crafted by the team at MSE headquarters in Burbank, California.

VeeboxMountedVerticalThe compact, versatile and lightweight system features removable front panels offering three different diffusion options: Voodoo Cloth, 1/2 Grid, and ¼ Grid, secured by hook and loop. A reflective interior within VeeBoxx maximizes the tube’s output. A rear zipper opening runs the length of the body that allows easy access to the back of the fixture to enable hassle-free adjustments. The Claw fits elegantly through the back zipper to facilitate light tube mounting to standard grip heads in multiple ways.

The softbox’s exterior is made of black Ripstop fabric with silver reflective material on the inside. Designed around the Titan Tube, VeeBoxx’s resourceful design allows it to fold up compactly accordion-style, for storage and transport.

Fully assembled, the VeeBoxx is 43” wide X 6”/109 x 15cm tall and 5.5”/14cm deep and weights 2.7-lbs/1.2kg. The diffusion panel surface area is 40” x 6”/101 x 15cm.

The Claw & VeeBoxx set including a carrying bag is available through the company’s worldwide dealer network, and you can learn more by visiting


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