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SETDECOR Invites Us Into James Wan’s Malignant


Madison's house
Madison’s house

James Wan’s Malignant has been out in theaters for a spell in North America and SETDECOR, the magazine of the Set Decorators Society of America (SDSA), has posted an extensive interview with Set Decorator Jennifer Gentile, SDSA. If you haven’t yet seen the polarizing film yet and are worried about spoilers, don’t be. Editor Karen Burg has got you covered and has made sure to protect everyone who reads this interview from anything being spoiled.

Gentile shares how she was brought onto the project: “When Production Designer Desma Murphy contacted me about doing the film MALIGNANT, the timing was perfect…and the genre is one of my favorites. I’m a huge fan of 1970’s horror, and how it was a reflection of the times, especially for the feminist movement with the girl character now as protagonist.”

While the interview itself touches upon Gentile’s collaboration and work with Production Designer Desma Murphy, the real highlight of the interview is all the pictures readers will get to see from the different Malignant sets. If you have seen the film, you might have already fallen in love with Madison’s home. However, catching the various details that Gentile and Murphy put together adds an extra dose of love onto the plate.

You can see some of the images from those settings above, but to read the full feature and see even more pictures, go to SETDECOR. Click on images for larger, more detailed versions.

Madison's Bedroom
Madison’s Bedroom
Madison's House
Madison’s House

All photos courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures, quoted text courtesy SETDECOR.

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