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MTI Film Broadens, Expands Cortex Dailies Offerings


Screenshot of MTI Film’s Cortex
After the rollout of its Cortex product line in November 2012, MTI Film is announcing new editions of the software-based dailies system that support formats targeted to specific users from on set to large facilities. MTI Film has also added the ability to render watermarked QuickTime files to the Cortex Free Edition.

The new structure includes five editions—Free, Indie, Pro, Studio and Ultimate. Each edition centers on a set of supported cameras and deliverables formats commonly used in different types of productions. All paid editions include support for popular cameras such as RED, ARRI Alexa, Sony F65 and F55 and Canon 5D and c300.

“We received a lot of good feedback from beta testers and customers,” VP of product development David McClure said. “One of our main goals with the Cortex line is to keep things as simple as possible without sacrificing necessary features and functionality. After reviewing all the feedback we received, we tailored the editions to the specific needs of each of the different players and scenarios where Cortex can be used.”

“We not only wanted to keep things simple, we wanted to make them affordable,” director of business development, Belinda S. Merritt added. “A smaller production that simply needs to review shots on an iPad on-set is very different from a network production that needs to generate a full complement of dailies editorial and review deliverables once or twice a day.”

Merritt added that the reconfigured codec packages and extra features will necessitate new pricing, but that special, low introductory pricing will remain in effect for several more weeks. “The editions will see a price bump, but we want to reward early adopters,” Merritt said. “Maintaining attractive introductory pricing for a little while longer is our way of saying thank you to customers for being our partners in a very real sense.”

The new editions and pricing will be introduced at the 2013 Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat February 18 – 22. Introductory pricing will remain available to customers who place an order before February 23.

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