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New Technocrane Makes its Debut on Bond Film

February 29, 2012 08:39 | By

The Supertechno 100 has a telescopic arm with a reach of 100 feet.

Technocrane’s new Supertechno 100 crane made its debut recently on the back lot of London-based Pinewood Studios for the new James Bond movie Skyfall.

The Supertechno 100 enabled the camera to shoot over an area the size of a football field for a wide overhead night scene, with Bond, (Daniel Craig) gliding by in a boat.

The crane was provided by Panavision Europe and supported by technicians from Technocrane.

The Supertechno 100, which has 100-foot reach, was chosen by the production because it was the only camera crane that was capable of achieving the height and reach needed to achieve the required shots.