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Pictorvision Gets FAA Approval to Fly Two New Heavy Lift Drones


The PV-HL1
The PV-HL1
Pictorvision announced that it has received FAA approval to fly two new heavy lift drones for aerial cinematography.

“We are very excited that we were given FAA approval for two additional aircraft that will allow us to fly heavier payloads and for longer flight times,” said Pictorvision president Tom Hallman.

Pictorvision’s two new drones are the PV-HL1, which will fly a RED Dragon for up to 15 minutes, and the PV-HL2, which will fly a RED Dragon for up to 20 minutes, double that of the standard drone. “Alternatively, we can trade off some of this extended flight time in order to fly heavier payloads,” said Hallman, “up to 20 pounds, allowing productions even greater choices in cameras and lenses.”

The two new drones join Pictorvision’s original PV-ML1 medium-lift unmanned aircraft, which carries a GH4 camera package and has already successfully shot for multiple clients.

Pictorvision was one of the first companies to receive the FAA exemption to commercially fly drones for aerial cinematography and also has FAA licensed and approved personnel.

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